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Let an IT Staffing Company Help Your Business Thrive

Most hiring managers and professionals know that over 70% of companies use recruiters when filling their open positions.

From what we see with all companies that are actively hiring, that number is even higher for technology companies of all sizes and scopes. 

According to Forbes, the IT job market is still booming, and the need for quality talent is growing with it. But how can hiring managers utilize the services of a strategic recruiter partner to stay competitive? In this post, we’ll discuss three core growth services that employers can leverage with a professional recruiter: 

  • Sourcing The Best Available Talent
  • Services—Temp, Temp-to-hire, Direct Hire 
  • Reducing Hiring Expenses

So let’s get started!

Sourcing Top Talent

What’s the best way to source and hire top IT talent? The basic blocking and tackling consists of putting an accurate but not too restrictive job description in front of the right group of interested candidates. This includes passive candidates.

Get this first step right, and you’re on your way to a successful process and a great new IT employee. Get it wrong, and the process has a high probability of failure. In the fast-paced IT world, you can’t even afford to slow down, let alone fail.

A trusted information technology staffing agency knows you, your hiring team, hiring objectives, corporate culture, brand, and most importantly, the right pool of active and passive candidates for your job.   

Utilize the Full Range of Services – Temp, Temp-to-Hire, Strategic Staffing, Direct Hire

A recruiter’s diverse range of services can benefit a hiring team in many ways. Temp-to-hire and IT contract jobs can be used tactically to temporarily fill positions while looking for that perfect strategic long-term fit. Temp-to-hire can significantly reduce retention risk, as another example.

The bottom line is that recruiters can provide a wide range of flexible IT staffing services to assist hiring managers and HR professionals at IT companies in this hyper-candidate-friendly market. 

Reducing Hiring Expenses

What are hiring expenses? HR professionals and hiring managers know that the answer is deeper than it first appears. Factors including time-to-fill, lack of intimate knowledge of talent pools, early quits due to poor cultural fit, inaccurate screening, and lack of skills verification all add up and increase your total hiring costs. 

An experienced, trusted IT staffing agency, like Keenbee Talent, knows you and your hiring objectives. We also understand the hiring markets and know where to locate the best candidates. We can help leverage our purpose-built services and knowledge to your benefit.

Are you ready to streamline your hiring process?

Are you a hiring manager or HR professional with a job search or searches underway? Our information technology staffing agency helps great companies change and grow every day by placing key people in key positions throughout every level of the business.   

At Keenbee Talent, we’re built on a foundation of trust, integrity, and compassion. And we help clients just like you find that perfect candidate every day! 

Call us today at (505) 872-1880, or get in touch online. Our expert information technology recruiters are waiting for your call.

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