Let an IT Staffing Company Help Your Business Thrive

Explore the key growth services that empower hiring managers to source top IT talent effectively and minimize hiring expenses in the booming tech job market. Partner with Keenbee Talent, your trusted IT staffing agency, to optimize your recruitment strategy and achieve hiring success.

Advance Your Accounting Career With These Tips

What is an Accountant? An accountant inspects and audits financial records. They are the nation’s business bookkeepers. These professionals are as highly trained as they are ethical; organizations trust them with bottom-line numbers that drive highly strategic decision-making. Perhaps that’s why the U.S. News & World Report lists accounting as #11 on their list of Best […]

The Role of AI and Automation in Tech Staffing

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are transforming almost every industry, including tech staffing solutions firms. Today, around 65% of recruiters use AI in their workflows, and that number is growing. Like their counterparts worldwide, tech staffing experts in Albuquerque are harnessing AI’s power to streamline and enhance the hiring process. This article delves into the […]

Effective Techniques for Interviewing and Assessing Tech Candidates

Interview preparation

In the tech hub of Albuquerque, New Mexico, companies are constantly on the lookout for top-notch tech talent to drive innovation and growth. However, finding the perfect fit for your tech team can be much harder than you might anticipate. To address this challenge, many companies turn to tech staffing services in Albuquerque to help […]

Hire Top IT Talent with a Tech Staffing Agency in Albuquerque

A skilled and efficient IT team is crucial for the success of any business in Albuquerque. However, finding and hiring top IT talent can be challenging and time-consuming. This is the sweet spot where tech recruiters in Albuquerque come into play. These agencies specialize in connecting businesses with highly qualified IT professionals who can meet […]

5 Ways a Temporary IT Job in Albuquerque Grows Your Career

Forging a successful IT career requires skills, experience, and a measure of fortitude. Occasionally working as a contractor on a temporary project also provides significant benefits to any tech professional. This is the case for industry veterans as well as those new to the field. Let’s look more closely at some of the advantages gained […]

How a Recruiter Can Help Women in Albuquerque Jumpstart a Career in Tech

Women in tech are still highly underrepresented in the tech field. While the situation is improving, women hold 25% of the available roles in IT. This is despite studies that show diverse companies are more innovative and productive. CIO magazine says, “Despite national conversations about the lack of diversity in tech, women are disproportionally missing […]

Benefits of Project-Based IT Staffing in Albuquerque

During an average week in the United States, more than three million temporary and contract workers deploy to client sites. These arrangements are increasing as talent becomes more difficult and expensive to find, particularly in IT staffing. IT temp services providers in Albuquerque specialize in finding technical resources for short-term engagements. Unlike recruiting firms, IT […]

What Soft Skills do Employers Want in Candidates?

Any successful professional obviously possesses skills applicable to their specific job role. For example, developers understand multiple programming languages and databases, while accountants boast significant financial and math skills. However, companies increasingly desire well-rounded candidates that also have multiple soft skills, like leadership, problem solving, and communication. With a goal of improving your marketability during […]

Build a High-Functioning Remote Tech Team with a Staffing Agency in Albuquerque

Tech suppport staff at work in an open office

Remote work isn’t a “nice to have” anymore in the tech space. If you want to attract tech talent in Albuquerque these days, you must offer remote work as an option. Forbes reports 95% of tech workers say working remotely is important. The majority of tech workers also say their most desired workplace setting is […]

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